Advanced Clinical Naturopathic Medicine


Associate Professor Teresa Mitchell-Patterson has contributed Chapter 22 | Cancer: Advanced II to Advanced Clinical Naturopathic Medicine.

As a young child was always interested in natural therapies, my mother would take my sister and I wild crafting for stinging nettle leaves (not much fun to pick) flowering chamomile heads, wild strawberries, blackberries and hazelnuts. She would grow her own mint for when we had upset stomachs and make chicken and beef bone broths with onion and garlic when we were ill. Perhaps the main reason I started my naturopathic journey was twofold, I had a version of chronic fatigue and my daughter had had uncontrollable febrile convulsions where the medical solution given was less than pleasant. So I studied to help us both. Naturopathy came naturally to me. I first studied massage therapy, then herbalism, clinical nutrition and then the advanced dip of naturopathy. 

It has been a long and wondrous journey to Associate Professor at Torrens University where I still enjoy engaging with students and am enrolled in the start of a PhD.

I started practice over 25 years ago in a clinic that specialised in oncology support. I have recently completed a post grad cert in oncology nutrition to further support patients in the integrative medicine team I work with in Sydney, was Vice President of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, and have written and reviewed chapters in Evidence Based Naturopathic text on integrative naturopathy. Recipient of the 2016 inaugural industry Excellence in Practice- Naturopathy award and 2017 recipient of Highly Commended ATMS Practitioner of the year. I present in the media and am Patient support for Bowel Cancer Australia, and am a Health and Medical Panelist for the Winston Churchill Fellowship Awards.   



Advanced Clinical Naturopathic Medicine