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Liesl Blott has contributed the Interactions Table to Advanced Clinical Naturopathic Medicine.

Liesl Blott is a pharmacist, naturopath and an academic. 

She has a Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management, a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree, a Bachelor of Health Science degree in Herbal Medicine, an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy, as well as Cert IV in Assessment and Workplace Training.

Liesl is a passionate advocate for integrative medicine, particularly with respect to the combined use of complementary and pharmaceutical medicines, so as to optimise patient outcomes. For over a decade, Liesl’s career has focussed on research, education and writing about the evidence-based use complementary medicines.

Liesl has recently taken up a position as the Scientific Communications and Education Manager for a brand of practitioner-only complementary medicines. Within this role, Liesl’s key responsibilities will include supporting practitioners and pharmacists in adopting an integrative, evidence-based approach to patient care, through education and scientific communications.  

Liesl also holds a position as a University Associate with Curtin School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences. She was instrumental in introducing evidence-based complementary medicine education into the pharmacy curriculum at Curtin University in 2009. Liesl has presented at several pharmacy seminars and conferences on the topic of complementary medicines in pharmacy, has published research and articles on complementary medicine, and has been a contributing author to several complementary medicine textbooks. 

Advanced Clinical Naturopathic Medicine