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Epigenetics and the impact on Children‘s Health

Respected women’s health and fertility naturopath Leah Hechtman discusses flame retardants, the intergenerational microbiome and how we have to strike a balance with our patients, so they don’t become overwhelmed and stressed.

Text Book of Natural Medicine 5e | Leah Hechtman interviews Dr Joseph Pizzorno & Dr Michael Murray

Grab a cup of botanicals and get comfy. You’re in for a treat. The authors of the internationally acclaimed, foundational textbook - Textbook of Natural Medicine - Drs Joe Pizzorno and Michael Murray have a chat with Leah to celebrate the release of its 5th edition.

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The Balance of Motherhood

2019 is an interesting time. Women have choices we’ve never had before – the choice to work; to have kids, to partner; to study; to change careers; to experiment… These choices are blessings. They open doors that our forbearers never had the opportunity to explore or even dream of.

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FX MEDICINE LIVE with Leah Hechtman at the 2018 ATMS PCOS Symposium

FX MEDICINE LIVE: ANDREW SPEAKS TO LEAH HECHTMAN Leah Hechtman is an experienced and respected clinician and has been in practice for over 20 [...]

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